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Corporate Governance Codes and Principles - The Netherlands

The Dutch corporate governance code (the Tabaksblat Code)
Provenance Corporate Governance Committee chaired by Mr Morris Tabaksblat
Date 9 December 2003

Access Local download in : English : Dutch : On the 30th of December 2004, the legislator designated the Dutch Corporate Governance Code as a code of conduct to which listed companies should refer in their annual report, in which they should indicate to what extent they have complied with the principles and best practice provisions ("the apply or explain principle").

Monitoring See Report on compliance with the Dutch corporate governance code issued by the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee in December 2005 in English and Dutch

See also Second Monitoring Report (December 2006) in English and the Third Monitoring Report (December 2007) in Dutch

Contributed by Remko M. Renes - KPMG Assurance, The Netherlands (Email:

Date revised 20 December 2007 (Originally posted 18 December 2003)