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15 additions and changes to the codes database
since 1 January 2016
The database of codes is constantly changing. New codes are added; the entries for some of those that have been published on this website are revised and we continue to search for codes that we might have missed. Please note that the date against each code refers to the date that it was originally published.

- Code of Best Practice of Corporate Governance (5th edition) 2016

- Egyptian Code of Corporate Governance August 2016
- Guide to Corporate Governance Regulations and Standards in Egypt 2011

- Finnish Corporate Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 1 October 2015

- Code de gouvernement d'entreprise des sociétés cotées 1 November 2016

- Guidelines on Corporate Governance 1 June 2015

- Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland 27 October 2016

- Italian Stewardship Principles 2015

- PSOJ Corporate Governance Code for Micro, Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises 4 February 2016
- Code on Corporate Governance 2nd Edition 2009

- Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016 15 October 2015

- Slovenia Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2016

- The Swedish Corporate Governance Code 1 November 2015

The Netherlands
- Dutch Corporate Governance Code 2016

The Philippines
- Code of Corporate Governance 22 November 2016