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ECGI 2006 Open meeting

Thursday 9 March 2006
at the
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

ETH Zurich, European Corporate Governance Training Network, Nestlé, Review of Finance, Swiss Re, SWX Swiss Exchange, Wharton Financial Institutions Center

Open Meeting
(open to ECGI members and registered guests)

All meetings in Room MM C 78.1 at ETH Zentrum, Rämistrasse 101, GEP Pavillon unless otherwise stated

17.45-17.55 Introduction
Professor Dimos Poulikakos
ETH Vice-President for Research and Member of the ETH Executive Board

Keynote speech: Corporate Governance and Behavioural Finance
Professor René Stulz

Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics
The Ohio State University and ECGI Fellow

See a copy of the presentation

Oxford Union-style Debate
(open to ECGI members and registered guests)

18.40-19.55 Motion: “This House believes that company top executives should be paid like government ministers”
Proposing the motion:
Professor Bruno S. Frey, Professor of Economics, University of Zurich
Professor Gérard Hertig, Professor of Law, ETH Zurich
Opposing the motion:
Peter Forstmoser, Chairman, Swiss Re
Professor Reinier Kraakman, Ezra Ripley Thayer Professor of Law, Harvard University
Laura Poots
, past President of the Oxford Union in the chair