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The ECGI Debate
"This House believes that the shareholder-oriented corporation is flawed"
11.00 - 12.15, Thursday 16 May 2013
This debate is conducted under the rules set out by the Oxford Union - see History of the Oxford Union and the Rules governing Oxford Union-style debates and took place at offices of PwC Dublin. It was open to ECGI members and interested members of the public.
The ECGI is grateful for the support of the Dublin office of PwC.

Debate programme | Video recording

11.00 - 12.15
"This House believes that the shareholder-oriented corporation is flawed"
  In the Chair:
Hannah McCarthy
Outgoing Auditor of the TCD College Historical Society (The Hist)
  Proposing the motion:
Professor Colin Mayer
Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies,
Said Business School, University of Oxford and ECGI Fellow
Seconded by:
Guy Jubb
Head of Governance & Stewardship
Standard Life Investments

  Opposing the motion:
Professor Theo Vermaelen
The Schroders Chaired Professor of International Finance and Asset Management,
INSEAD and ECGI Research Associate
Seconded by:
Peter Butler
Founding Partner Emeritus
Governance for Owners

  Debate from the floor, rebuttals and voting