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The ECGI List

The ECGI List is a Yahoo Group in the Finance series. Independent of the ECGI, it provides a forum for discussion and an exchange of information between academics and practitioners on corporate governance matters.

The list solicits contributions on:

  • Conference and workshop announcements on corporate governance and related topics
  • Corporate governance news.
  • Corporate governance questions (e.g. "I am looking for empirical evidence on voting power concentration in Europe, can someone please send me a reference?")
  • The choice of textbooks and other teaching material for corporate governance courses
  • Books and/or papers you have read and you would like to comment on
  • Shameless promotion of your own publications and working papers.

The ECGI List is open, meaning that anybody can view its contents. It is also moderated which means that each message will bounce back to the moderator of the list, Marc Goergen, and will have to be approved by him.

Joining the List

To view messages posted on the ECGI List and to post them yourself, you need to join the Group. Click here for the ECGI List home page from where you can sign up for a Yahoo ID. Subscription to the ECGI List is free. All you need is a valid e-mail address.

Using the list

Once you have subscribed, you may chose to be notified each time a new message is posted on the ECGI List. You can access all the messages that have been posted since 2001 by topic, date or using a search facility. You may reply to any message and you may post messages though these must be approved by the list moderator.