There are three categories of partner institutions. For details of the organisations involved and the person to contact at each, select the category from the menu to the left.
Academic Partners
These comprise 12 institutions, four each from the Americas, Asia and Europe:
North America - Columbia Law School, Columbia University (USA)
North America - Harvard Law School, Harvard University (USA)
North America - Stanford Law School, Stanford University (USA)
North America - Yale Law School, Yale University (USA)
Europe - The Center for Financial Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)
Europe - Centre for Corporate Governance, London Business School (UK)
Europe - Swedish House of Finance (SHoF) (Sweden)
Europe - University of Oxford (UK)
Asia - Centre for Law & Business and Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Asia - Guanghua School of Management, Peking University (P.R.China)
Asia - School of Law, Seoul National University (South Korea)
Asia - Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, University of Tokyo (Japan)
Practitioner Partners
There are places for up to six institutions. Currently, 3 organisations have enrolled in the GCGC and further ones are being considered.
Europe - European Investment Bank (EIB) (Luxembourg)
Europe - Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Switzerland)
Asia - Japan Exchange Group (JPX) (Japan)
The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI)
The ECGI is an international not-for-profit scientific association, founded in 2002, with its legal seat in Brussels. The majority of ECGI’s Board of directors is statutorily composed of academics. ECGI’s Fellows are an international body of outstanding peer selected corporate governance researchers; they exercise their influence over the research activities of ECGI.

A service contract between the GCGC and the ECGI covers daily management of GCGC’s affairs that will be carried out under the instructions and supervision of the Executive Committee, in line with the budgets approved by the Board of Directors. The Secretary General has all the necessary powers to carry out the branding, organisation and running of the conference series.