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Professor Miguel Ferreira

Banco BPI Professor of Finance
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Miguel Ferreira, Banco BPI Professor of Finance, Nova School of Business and Economics
ECGI Research Associate (2009) :

Miguel A. Ferreira holds the Banco BPI Chair in Finance at Nova School of Business and Economics.

He has a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master in Economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a BA in Business from ISCTE Business School.

His research interests include international investments, institutional investors, and corporate governance. His research has been published in academic journals including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Review of Financial Studies. He has been a recipient of research grants from the FDIC, INQUIRE, Bank of Portugal and the FCT.

He currently teaches Corporate Finance and Risk Management at the undergraduate and graduate level and has an extensive experience of teaching in executive education programs. He has also been a consultant to multinational companies, investment banks, and Government agencies.

Prior to joining Nova School of Business and Economics, he was an Associate Professor and chair of the Department of Finance at ISCTE Business School.

Research Interests
Corporate finance
Corporate governance
International finance

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Are Foreign Investors Locusts? The Long-Term Effects of Foreign Institutional Ownership ECGI Finance Working Paper 468/2016 August 2016
Does Institutional Ownership Matter for International Stock Return Comovement? ECGI Finance Working Paper 465/2016 June 2017
Creditor Control Rights and Board Independence ECGI Finance Working Paper 443/2014 June 2017
International Corporate Governance Spillovers: Evidence from Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions ECGI Finance Working Paper 390/2014 August 2017
Do General Managerial Skills Spur Innovation? ECGI Finance Working Paper 376/2013 July 2013
Generalists versus Specialists: Lifetime Work Experience and CEO Pay ECGI Finance Working Paper 333/2012 April 2012
Does Governance Travel Around the World? Evidence from Institutional Investors ECGI Finance Working Paper 267/2010 January 2010
The Pay Divide: (Why) Are U.S. Top Executives Paid More? ECGI Finance Working Paper 255/2009 August 2009
Insider Trading Laws and Stock Price Informativeness ECGI Finance Working Paper 161/2007 March 2007
Board Structure and Price Informativeness ECGI Finance Working Paper 160/2007 June 2007 Winner of the 2008 Egon Zehnder International Prize (Best paper on company boards and their role in corporate governance)

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