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Professor Mariassunta Giannetti

Professor of Finance
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Mariassunta Giannetti, Professor of Finance , Stockholm School of Economics
ECGI Research Associate (2004) :

Mariassunta Giannetti holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles and completed her B.A. and M.Sc. at Bocconi University (Italy). She is a professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics; she is also a CEPR research fellow in the financial economics program and a research associate of the ECGI.

Professor Giannetti has broad research interests in corporate finance and financial intermediation. She has published widely-cited research in leading journals in Finance, Economics and Management, including the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, the Review of Financial Studies, the American Economic Review, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Review of Finance, and Management Science.

Professor Giannetti has been serving as associate editor of several journals, including the Review of Financial Studies, the Review of Finance, Financial Management and the Journal of Banking and Finance, and is a director of the European Finance Association. She has been named a rising star in finance in 2016 and has received numerous research awards including the Sun Yefang Financial Innovation Award, the ECGI Standard Life Investments Finance Prize, the Assar Lindbeck Medal, the Journal of Financial Intermediation best paper award, the ECB Lamfalussy Research Fellowship, and the Stockholm School of Economics Annual Research award.

Research Interests
Corporate finance
Development economics
International finance

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Financial Conglomerate Affiliated Hedge Funds: Risk Taking Behavior and Liquidity Provision ECGI Finance Working Paper 506/2017 May 2017
Adapting to Radical Change: The Benefits of Short-Horizon Investors ECGI Finance Working Paper 467/2016 April 2017
Board Ancestral Diversity and Firm Performance Volatility ECGI Finance Working Paper 462/2016 June 2017
Corporate Scandals and Household Stock Market Participation ECGI Finance Working Paper 405/2014 January 2014
Changing Corporate Governance Norms: Evidence from Dual Class Shares in the U.K. ECGI Finance Working Paper 375/2013 May 2017
The Brain Gain of Corporate Boards: A Natural Experiment from China ECGI Finance Working Paper 343/2013 January 2013
Local Bias and Stock Market Conditions ECGI Finance Working Paper 335/2012 August 2012
The Flight Home Effect: Evidence from the Syndicated Loan Market During Financial Crises ECGI Finance Working Paper 304/2011 May 2011
Investors' Horizons and the Amplification of Market Shocks ECGI Finance Working Paper 298/2010 November 2010
On the Real Effects of Bank Bailouts: Micro-Evidence from Japan ECGI Finance Working Paper 260/2009 October 2005
Do Cultural Differences Between Contracting Parties Matter? Evidence from Syndicated Bank Loans ECGI Finance Working Paper 224/2008 September 2008
'Lending by Example': Direct and Indirect Effects of Foreign Banks in Emerging Markets ECGI Finance Working Paper 221/2008 October 2005
On the Fortunes of Stock Exchanges and Their Reversals: Evidence from Foreign Listing Waves ECGI Finance Working Paper 214/2008 August 2008
Serial CEO Incentives and the Structure of Managerial Contracts ECGI Finance Working Paper 183/2007 October 2005
Pension Reform, Ownership Structure, and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Sweden ECGI Finance Working Paper 181/2007 June 2007
Favoritism in Capital Allocation ECGI Finance Working Paper 153/2007 January 2007
Does Prestige Matter More then Profits for Entrepreneurs? ECGI Finance Working Paper 112/2005 December 2005
Fighting for Talent: Risk-Taking, Corporate Volatility, and Organizational Change ECGI Finance Working Paper 111/2005 December 2005
Financial Liberalization and Banking Crises: The Role of Capital Inflows and Lack of Transparency ECGI Finance Working Paper 109/2005 December 2005
Financial Integration and Entrepreneurial Activity: Evidence from Foreign Bank Entry in Emerging Markets ECGI Finance Working Paper 091/2005 July 2005
What You Sell is what You Lend? Explaining Trade Credit Contracts ECGI Finance Working Paper 071/2005 November 2004
Investor Protection and the Demand for Equity ECGI Finance Working Paper 064/2004 April 2004
Which Investors Fear Expropriation? Evidence from Investors' Portfolio Choices ECGI Finance Working Paper 054/2004 June 2004

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