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Professor Brian Cheffins

S J Berwin Professor of Corporate Law
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Brian Cheffins, S J Berwin Professor of Corporate Law, Faculty of Law, Cambridge University
ECGI Fellow (2005) :

Brian R. Cheffins has been since 1998 the S.J. Berwin Professor of Corporate Law at Cambridge University. He began his academic career at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Law, where he taught from 1986 to 1997. Professor Cheffins has held visiting appointments at Duke, Harvard, Oxford and Stanford and was named a Guggenheim Fellow in 2002. His primary research interests are corporate governance and corporate law, with particular reference to economic and historical aspects. Professor Cheffins is the author of Company Law: Theory, Structure and Operation (Oxford, 1997), The Trajectory of (Corporate Law) Scholarship (Cambridge, 2004) and Corporate Ownership and Control: British Business Transformed (Oxford, 2008).

Research Interests
Company law
Corporate governance
Law and economics

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Stock Market Prices and the Market for Corporate Control ECGI Law Working Paper 298/2015 July 2015
The Rise of Corporate Governance in the U.K.: When and Why ECGI Law Working Paper 293/2015 April 2015
Law, Politics and the Rise and Fall of German Stock Market Development, 1870-1938 ECGI Law Working Paper 283/2015 January 2015
Delaware and the Transformation of Corporate Governance ECGI Law Working Paper 278/2015 December 2014
The Team Production Model as a Paradigm ECGI Law Working Paper 262/2014 August 2014
The Race to the Bottom Recalculated: Scoring Corporate Law Over Time ECGI Law Working Paper 261/2014 August 2014
Private Enforcement of Corporate Law: An Empirical Comparison of the UK and US ECGI Finance Working Paper 234/2009 February 2009
The Corporate Governance Movement, Banks and the Financial Crisis ECGI Law Working Paper 232/2014 December 2013
Law and History by Numbers: Use, But with Care ECGI Law Working Paper 230/2013 November 2013
The Origins of the Market for Corporate Control ECGI Law Working Paper 226/2013 September 2013
The Undermining of UK Corporate Governance (?) ECGI Law Working Paper 203/2013 March 2013
Hedge Fund Activism Canadian Style ECGI Law Working Paper 202/2013 March 2013
The History of Corporate Governance ECGI Law Working Paper 184/2012 January 2012
Is Regulation Essential to Stock Market Development? Going Public in London and Berlin, 1900-1913 ECGI Law Working Paper 180/2011 July 2011
Delaware's Balancing Act ECGI Law Working Paper 167/2010 November 2010
Is Delaware Losing Its Cases? ECGI Law Working Paper 151/2010 April 2010
The Corporate Pyramid Fable ECGI Law Working Paper 146/2010 March 2010
The Rise and Fall (?) of Shareholder Activism by Hedge Funds ECGI Law Working Paper 136/2009 September 2009
Did Corporate Governance 'Fail' During the 2008 Stock Market Meltdown? The Case of the S&P 500 ECGI Law Working Paper 124/2009 May 2009
Is Berle and Means Really a Myth? ECGI Law Working Paper 121/2009 March 2009
Private Enforcement of Corporate Law: An Empirical Comparison of the UK and US ECGI Law Working Paper 120/2009 February 2009
Comparative Analysis on Legal Regulation of the Liability of Members of the Management organs of Companies ECGI Law Working Paper 103/2008 February 2008
The Eclipse of Private Equity ECGI Law Working Paper 082/2007 April 2007
Outside Director Liability Across Countries ECGI Law Working Paper 071/2006 May 2006
Dividends as a Substitute for Corporate Law: The Separation of Ownership and Control in the United Kingdom ECGI Law Working Paper 069/2006 May 2006
Outside Director Liability ECGI Law Working Paper 068/2006 May 2006
Outside Director Liability: A Policy Analysis ECGI Law Working Paper 059/2006 February 2006
Outside Directors, Liability Risk and Corporate Governance: A Comparative Analysis ECGI Law Working Paper 048(En)/2005 August 2005 This download is in English. A German version of this paper can be found at ECGI Law Working Paper 48(Ger)/2005
Shareholder Suits and Outside Director Liability: The Case of Korea ECGI Law Working Paper 047/2005 June 2005

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