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Professor Jennifer Hill

Professor of Corporate Law
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Jennifer Hill, Professor of Corporate Law, Sydney Law School
ECGI Research Associate (2006) :

Jennifer Hill is Professor of Corporate Law at Sydney Law School, Australia. She has been a Visiting Professor in the US on a number of occasions, including at Vanderbilt University (2003, 2006-2007); University of Texas at Austin (1999); University of Virginia (1998) and Cornell University (1994).

She has written widely in the areas of corporate law and comparative corporate governance, and her scholarship has been published in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia. She is a member of the Law Council of Australia, Corporations Law Committee and of the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC), Legal Sub-Committee, which advises the Australian Federal Government on corporate law reform. She is the immediate past President of the Australian Corporate Law Teachers Association (2004-2005).

Research Interests
Comparative corporate governance
Corporate crime
Corporate governance
Corporate law
Corporate theory
Executive remuneration
US corporate law

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Directorsí Duties and Legal Safe Harbours: A Comparative Analysis ECGI Law Working Paper 351/2017 March 2017
The Trajectory of American Corporate Governance: Shareholder Empowerment and Private Ordering Combat ECGI Law Working Paper 343/2017 March 2017
Evolving Directors' Duties in the Common Law World ECGI Law Working Paper 209/2013 April 2013
Centro and the Monitoring Board - Legal Duties Versus Aspirational Ideals in Corporate Governance ECGI Law Working Paper 195/2012 September 2011
Takeovers, Poison Pills and Protectionism in Comparative Corporate Governance ECGI Law Working Paper 168/2010 November 2010
Comparing CEO Employment Contract Provisions: Differences Between Australia and the U.S. ECGI Law Working Paper 166/2010 October 2010
The Architecture of Corporate Governance in Australia ECGI Law Working Paper 164/2010 September 2010
Then and Now: Professor Berle and the Unpredictable Shareholder ECGI Law Working Paper 163/2010 September 2010
The Rising Tension between Shareholder and Director Power in the Common Law World ECGI Law Working Paper 152/2010 April 2010
Subverting Shareholder Rights: Lessons from News Corp.'s Migration to Delaware ECGI Law Working Paper 143/2010 March 2010
New Trends in the Regulation of Executive Remuneration ECGI Law Working Paper 142/2010 March 2010
Regulatory Show and Tell: Lessons from International Statutory Regimes ECGI Law Working Paper 111/2008 July 2008
The Shifting Balance of Power between Shareholders and the Board: News Corp's Exodus to Delaware and Other Antipodean Tales ECGI Law Working Paper 110/2008 July 2008

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