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Professor Christoph Van Der Elst

Professor of Business Law
Tilburg University
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Christoph Van Der Elst, Professor of Business Law, Tilburg University
ECGI Research Associate (2006) :

After studies in law and in economics at the Ghent University, Christoph Van der Elst became a research fellow at the Financial Law Institute of the Ghent University in 1995. He wrote a doctoral thesis on shareholder structures and the determinants of ownership concentration of shareholders in stock exchange listed companies - a comparative legal and economic analysis.

Since October 2001 he is professor of commercial law and corporate governance at the Law School of the Ghent University. He is also professor of law and management at the Law School of Tilburg University (Netherlands). Before he was lecturer at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), scientific advisor of the Belgian "High Council for the Economic Professions" and registered at the bar. His research focuses primarily on different issues of corporate governance and company law, in particular the influence of shareholders on stock exchange listed companies.

Research Interests
Business transactions
Corporate governance
Law and economics
Legal persons law

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Bringing the AGM to the 21st Century: Blockchain and Smart Contracting Tech for Shareholder Involvement ECGI Law Working Paper 358/2017 June 2017
Answering the Say for No Pay ECGI Law Working Paper 325/2016 August 2016
Empowering the Audit Committee and the Auditor in Related Party Transactions ECGI Law Working Paper 318/2016 August 2016
Revisiting shareholder activism at AGMs: Voting determinants of large and small shareholders ECGI Finance Working Paper 311/2011 July 2011
Corporate Governance and Banks: How justified is the match? ECGI Law Working Paper 284/2015 February 2015
Audit Committees of Public Interest Entities in Europe ECGI Law Working Paper 276/2014 December 2014
The International Scope of Say on Pay ECGI Law Working Paper 227/2013 September 2013
The Dutch Private Company: Successfully Relaunched? ECGI Law Working Paper 215/2013 June 2013
Shareholder Rights and Shareholder Activism: The Role of the General Meeting of Shareholders ECGI Law Working Paper 188/2012 August 2012
The Risks of Corporate Legal Principles of Risk Management ECGI Law Working Paper 160/2010 June 2010
Risk Management in European and American Corporate Law ECGI Law Working Paper 122/2009 April 2009
The Belgian struggle for corporate governance improvements ECGI Law Working Paper 114/2008 September 2008
Shareholder Mobility in Five European Countries ECGI Law Working Paper 104/2008 April 2008

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