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Professor Ronald Masulis

Scientia Professor in Finance
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Ronald Masulis, Scientia Professor in Finance, School of Banking and Finance, Australian School of Business
ECGI Research Associate (2009) :

Ronald W. Masulis became Scientia Professor in Finance at the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales in 2010.

Previously he was the Frank Houston Professor of Finance, Owen Graduate School of Management and Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University.

He is an academic director of the Financial Management Association and a former director of the American Finance Association and the Western Finance Association. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and the Pacific Basin Finance Journal and past associate editor of the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Finance and the Review of Financial Studies, among other journals.

Research Interests
Corporate finance
Corporate governance
International finance
Investment banking
Venture capital

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Why Do Family Business Groups Expand by Creating New Public Firms? The Role of Internal Capital Markets ECGI Finance Working Paper 523/2017 August 2017
Preoccupied Independent Directors ECGI Finance Working Paper 522/2017 August 2017
Deal Initiation in Mergers and Acquisitions ECGI Finance Working Paper 371/2013 June 2012
Agency Problems of Corporate Philanthropy ECGI Finance Working Paper 370/2013 June 2012
Independent Director Incentives: Where do Talented Directors Spend Their Limited Time and Energy? ECGI Finance Working Paper 355/2013 March 2013
Reputation Incentives of Independent Directors: Impacts on Board Monitoring and Adverse Corporate Actions ECGI Finance Working Paper 353/2013 July 2013
Ownership, Investment and Governance: The Costs and Benefits of Dual Class Shares ECGI Finance Working Paper 352/2013 March 2013
Board Structure and Monitoring: New Evidence from CEO Turnovers ECGI Finance Working Paper 351/2013 July 2013
Law Firm Reputation and Merger and Acquisition Outcomes ECGI Finance Working Paper 316/2011 August 2011
The Supply of Corporate Directors and Board Independence ECGI Finance Working Paper 315/2011 August 2011
Litigation in Mergers and Acquisitions ECGI Finance Working Paper 305/2011 April 2011
Venture Capital Reputation, Post-IPO Performance and Corporate Governance ECGI Finance Working Paper 265/2009 December 2009
Trading Rules, Competition for Order Flow and Market Fragmentation ECGI Law Working Paper 256/2014 April 2014
Does Private Equity Create Wealth? ECGI Finance Working Paper 253/2008 August 2008
Does It Pay to Go Global in the Boardroom? The Effect of Foreign Directors on Corporate Governance and Performance ECGI Finance Working Paper 242/2009 November 2009
Are All Inside Directors the Same? Do They Entrench CEOs or Facilitate More Informed Board Decisions? ECGI Finance Working Paper 241/2009 May 2009
Family Business Groups around the World: Costs and Benefits of Pyramids ECGI Finance Working Paper 240/2009 May 2009
Venture Capital Conflicts of Interest: Evidence from Acquisitions of Venture Backed Firms ECGI Finance Working Paper 211/2008 June 2008
Strategic Alliances and Corporate Governance in Newly Public Firms: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital ECGI Finance Working Paper 210/2008 June 2008
Agency Problems at Dual-Class Companies ECGI Finance Working Paper 209/2008 June 2008
Strategic Investing and Financial Contracting in Start-ups: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital ECGI Finance Working Paper 189/2007 July 2007
Comparing CEO Employment Contract Provisions: Differences Between Australia and the U.S. ECGI Law Working Paper 166/2010 October 2010
Corporate Governance and Acquirer Returns ECGI Finance Working Paper 116/2006 November 2005 This Working Paper is based upon a draft prepared for the Sloan Project on Business Institutions/Anton Philips Fund Conference on International Markets and Corporate Governance (Washington DC, October 2005) organised by Georgetown University Law Center and Tilburg University Faculty of Law.
Does Private Equity Create Wealth? ECGI Law Working Paper 113/2008 August 2008

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