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Professor Mathias Siems

Professor of Law
Durham Law School
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Mathias Siems, Professor of Law, Durham Law School

Mathias Siems graduated from the Universities of Munich and Edinburgh. He has held visiting appointments at the European University Institute, Harvard Law School and the University of Cambridge. He has has taught at the Riga Graduate School of Law, the University of Edinburgh and the University of East Anglia before joining Durham Law School in 2011. He is also a Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research of the University of Cambridge.

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Why Do Businesses Incorporate in Other EU Member States? An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Conflict of Laws Rules ECGI Law Working Paper 361/2017 August 2017
How to Regulate the Regulators: Applying Principles of Good Corporate Governance to Financial Regulatory Institutions ECGI Law Working Paper 354/2017 May 2017
Law and Financial Development: What We Are Learning from Time-Series Evidence ECGI Law Working Paper 148/2010 March 2010
How Do Legal Rules Evolve? Evidence From a Cross-Country Comparison of Shareholder, Creditor and Worker Protection ECGI Law Working Paper 129/2009 July 2009 Winner of the 2010 Allen & Overy Law Prize (Best paper in the Law Working Paper series)
Shareholder Protection and Stock Market Development: An Empirical Test of the Legal Origins Hypothesis ECGI Law Working Paper 108/2008 May 2008 Winner of the 2009 ECGI Law Prize (Best paper in the Law series)
Comparative Analysis on Legal Regulation of the Liability of Members of the Management organs of Companies ECGI Law Working Paper 103/2008 February 2008

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