A study commissioned by the European Commission into the proportionality between ownership and control in EU listed companies
As this study has now been completed, the website will no longer be updated. Consequently, some information will become out-of-date
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Professor Mike Burkart
Gösta Olson Professor of Finance
Stockholm School of Economics

Email: Mike.Burkart@hhs.se
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Mike Burkart, Gösta Olson Professor of Finance, Stockholm School of Economics
- ECGI Fellow (2008) -

Mike Burkart is Gösta Olson Professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. His PhD in Economics was from the LSE (1996) and his BA Economics from the University of Basel (1989).

He was elected an ECGI Research Associate in 2004.

ECGI Working Papers (Click title for more details)
Signalling to Dispersed Shareholders and Corporate Control ECGI Finance Working Paper 431/2014 July 2014
Activist Funds, Leverage, and Procyclicality ECGI Finance Working Paper 429/2014 June 2014
Smart Buyers ECGI Finance Working Paper 326/2012 January 2012
Performance Pay, CEO Dismissal, and the Dual Role of Takeovers ECGI Finance Working Paper 321/2011 December 2011
The One Share - One Vote Debate: A Theoretical Perspective ECGI Finance Working Paper 176/2007 May 2007
Security-Voting Structure and Bidder Screening ECGI Finance Working Paper 158/2007 February 2007
Club-in-the-Club: Reform under Unanimity ECGI Finance Working Paper 149/2007 January 2007
Takeovers ECGI Finance Working Paper 118/2006 January 2006
Minority Blocks and Takeover Premia ECGI Finance Working Paper 096/2005 September 2005
What You Sell is what You Lend? Explaining Trade Credit Contracts ECGI Finance Working Paper 071/2005 November 2004
Mandatory Bids, Squeeze-out, Sell-out and the Dynamics of the Tender Offer Process ECGI Law Working Paper 010/2003 July 2003

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