Better Regulation in EU Company Law, Process and Substance

Auditorium of the National Museum, Mannerheimintie 34, Helsinki

Different classes of shares to be discussed at Company Law conference

The Conference "Better Regulation in EU Company Law, Process and Substance", dealing with EU company-law regulation will be arranged in Helsinki on 5 October. The purpose of the Conference is to extend and deepen the discussion on the share and vote principle.

The topics of the discussion are different classes of shares and other voting-right arrangements in European listed companies. What kind of shares and other financial instruments (investment targets) will companies and investors need in the future? How will the financial instrument practice change? Will EU-level regulation or recommendations be needed?

The keynote speaker is professor Ronald J. Gilson (Stanford Law School, Columbia University, USA). He is one of the most significant experts on Company Law and Corporate Governance in the world. Gilson also knows European and Scandinavian systems very well.

The second topic concerns the development of the EU law-drafting process in the field of company law. The purpose is to discuss how the EU law-drafting process could be improved by changing the procedures, such as increasing the openness of preparation and by developing the possibilities of the Member States, companies and investors to participate in the preparation of new projects from the beginning.

The Conference "Better Regulation in EU Company Law, Process and Substance" is organised within the framework of Finland's EU presidency. Those invited to the Conference include parties responsible for company and securities market legislation in the EU Member States, companies, interest groups, science communities as well as investors and others operating in the securities markets. The number of participants is about 200.

The Ministry of Justice arranges the Conference in co-operation with the European Commission and the Corporate Governance Forum.