First Session

State of play regarding Corporate Governance in Europe.
Lessons from the Crisis and Reforms of the Corporate Governance Principles: Regulation vs. Recommendation.

• The UK Corporate Governance Code (June 2010). Updated roles for Chairman & Board Directors. Company risks, Board evaluation and others.
Mr. Chris Hodge, Representative of the Financial Reporting Council FRC, Corporate Governance.
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• The situation in the United States
Ms. Wendy Semel, Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

Second Session

The Board Directors Remuneration.
• The implementation of the recommendation on Directors' remuneration of listed companies and on remuneration in the financial services sector.

Ms. Zsofia Kerecsen Policy Officer in DG Internal Market, Company Law and Corporate Governance Unit of the European Commission.

• Round Table:
Mr. Juan Alvarez-Vijande, Chairman of ecoDa and Executive Director of IC-A.

Mr. Jaime Carvajal Urquijo, Board Director of IC-A and Chairman of the Remunerations Committee of Listed International Business Group.

Ms. Mais Hayek, Corporate Governance for Europe of Hermes.

Third Session

The point of view of investors, markets and companies.

• The Market's Experience
Ms. Edna Sousa de Holanda, Business Development Director, Bovespa/ Novo Mercado, Brasil.

• The English Proposal regarding a Code of Conduct for Institutional Investors.
Mr. Peter Montagnon, Designated Senior Investment Advisor, FRC.

• Opinion of the European Companies.
Ms. Joëlle Simon, Chair of Businesseurope's Legal Affairs Committee.

Fourth Session

Corporate Governance in Context.

• Developments in relation with Anti-takeover measures and Inside Information.
Mr. Christophe Clerc, Marccus Partners.

• Foreseeable evolution of Takeover Bids in Europe.
Mr. John Wilcox, Chairman of SODALI.

• Reform of the Board Directors' liability.
Mr. Javier Juste Mencía, Professor in Commercial Law of the University of Castilla La Mancha.

Fifth Session

Good Corporate Governance for Unlisted Companies.

• The importance of SMEs in the European Economy.
Ms Agnès Thibault, Policy Officer, Directorate General of DG Enterprise and Industry of European Commission. SMEs Policy Development.

• Corporate Governance Guidance and Principles for Unlisted Companies in Europe.
Ms. Lutgart Van den Berghe, Chairman of the Working Group on Corporate Governance for Unlisted companies of ecoDa. Download